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New York Times Distorts Iraqi Jewish History

Mass grave of victims of the Farhud, 1941

New York Times account of a Baghdad conference on peace between Israel and Iraq was filled with inaccuracies, to the point of offending Jewish history. The article describes the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 that led to a schism between Iraq and Iraqi Jews. The most infamous pogrom in Iraq targeting the Jewish people, however, took place in 1941. This proves that it is pure Jew-hatred (and not hatred of Zionists or a Jewish State) that led to the entrenched antisemitism of the Iraqi people.

In fact, the NY Times article fails to even mention the Farhud, the most momentous pogrom of the Jewish people in Arab countries of the past century. An earlier 2016 NY Times piece, does mention that the Farhud took place in 1941. The date would have been easy enough to fact check then or now by any careful writer or editor. But who cares about accuracy when demonizing the Jews or the Jewish State?