Amanpour Feeds Erekat His Lines

Saeb Erekat and Naftali Bennett debate on CNN moderated by Christiane Amanpour

In a recent CNN debate between Palestinian Authority (PA) diplomat Saeb Erekat and MK Naftali Bennett, Christiane Amanpour appeared to be helping Erekat out by feeding him his lines. Amanpour suggested that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was “music” to Bennett’s ears. Erekat then used the line as if it were indeed, …

antisemitism, Israel

Israel Reports Rise in Global Antisemitism

Member of Knesset Naftali Bennett

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett presented his ministry’s report on global antisemitism. It seems that while antisemitism is on the rise, violent antisemitic incidents are down. In Bennett’s introduction to the report, he said: “The unequivocal growth in the anti-Semitic discourse is apparently due to two phenomena that we have witnessed over the …

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Dire Predictions Fail, Guatemala Follows Suit

The mainstream media has been in an uproar since President Trump announced the U.S. Embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But not everyone is listening. Guatemala, for instance. Guatemala is moving its embassy, too. So are another score or so of other countries considering the same. Maybe it’s time to stop tuning …

Reform Movement

Reform Jews Don’t Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital?

Temple Emanu-El. first Reform temple in the United States

President Trump made his daring pronouncement that Israel’s capital is its capital and while many were pleased in the Jewish community, the Reform Movement made a statement against the move. This was a real head scratcher. What? They don’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel??? And they’re JEWISH? Confusing. If we don’t have Jerusalem …

Quality of Jewish Life

Long Live (Jews in) Israel

elderly couple walking in a park,

Yet another reason American Jews might want to make Aliyah and move to Israel: they’ll live longer. According to the Jerusalem Post, a more healthy lifestyle, along with better education, better healthcare, and a healthier economy, has help to raise Israeli life expectancy by 10.3 years, from 1970-2015, from 71.8 to 82.1 years. How does …